Stages - Digital Download

Stages - Digital Download

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Country Songs that will take you back to your roots!

Country music the way it should be! Songs about faith, heart, family and home! 12 handcrafted country Songs that will take on a journey through life. Digital download of our album 'Stages'.

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Heartfelt Country Music

These are not your typical "party" country songs, these are REAL country songs with grit and faith. Songs that will touch your heart and remind you what it's all about.

We realize this goes against EVERYTHING the "music industry" tells us but we don't care, we've always done things our own way - following our hearts.

About Us!

Folks Like Them, featuring father and son Allen and Chris,  have both been recording and performing music their entire lives.    Currently living in West Virginia, Folks Like Them works hard to produce the best Country Music and Country Music inspired clothing possible. 

The songs, clothing and the group name “Folks Like Them”,  is a tip of the hat to people of all generations who put family and community first. Chris’s grandfather, Allen’s dad, drove big rigs and ran a small farming business. Allen’s mother, Chris’s grandmother, was a teacher, musician, and homemaker. They passed down a work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility that continues to inspire their songs and their lives. The songs also pay tribute to the people and places in the small towns where Allen and Chris grew up.

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