Our Places - Singed, Limited Edition CD (with Bonus CD)
Our Places - Singed, Limited Edition CD (with Bonus CD)
Our Places - Singed, Limited Edition CD (with Bonus CD)

Our Places - Singed, Limited Edition CD (with Bonus CD)

(includes Digital Copies, Exclusive Music, Videos and Lots More!) You Get:
  • Signed, Limited Edition Our Places CD
  • Second Bonus, Signed Classic Country CD
  • Listen and Download After You Buy
  • Plus Bonus Music, Videos, Stickers and Fridge Magnet - A $69.99 Value For only 19.99!
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A father and son writing Classic Country Music

Inspired by faith, love and family

Our one-of-a-kind classic country tells real stories about the people and places that touch our lives.    Stories that can only be told by family.

If you are disappointed with current state of country music, it's NOT your fault!    

It's hard to find classic country these days, country music that talks about real people.   

It seems every song on country radio just screams about partying!   The almighty dollar owns the radio!

Big money fueled record companies have taken true country from us!   AND they have  replaced it with stuff we can't even recognize.   

Not anymore!

So, Dad and I set out to take Country Music Back!

To write classic country music that was inspired by the people in our lives.   Our Folks Like Them!

To show how much we mean that statement, we’re going to put our cards on the table.

We are putting together an exclusive Classic Country 2 CD Bundle with loads of extras for a limited time!

Order now and get (a $69.99 Value for only $19.99)

Included Classic Country Music!

Our Places SIGNED CD - a signed CD copy of our country album Our Places (a $9.99 Value)!

A BONUS SECOND SIGNED CD - a free signed CD copy of our country album Folks Like Them (a $9.99 Value)!

An Exclusive SONG and Download only available to our customers (a $1.99 Value )!  Listen immediately after purchase using exclusive link!

Listen Now!  Stream and download both albums immediately after purchase - a $10.00 Value)!

-And More!-

FREE Access to our favorite Folks Like Them classic country Lyric Videos - (a $10 Value)! 

Watch immediately after purchase using exclusive link!

A Look behind the curtain! FREE access to our songwriting most frequently asked questions videos (a $20 Value)!

Watch immediately after purchase using exclusive link!

A handwritten thank you note showing how much we appreciate your support

-And Even More!-

A FREE Folks Like Them bumper sticker (a $3.00 Value)!

A FREE Folks Like Them magnet (a $3.00 Value)!

A FREE set of limited edition Folks Like Them stickers (a $2.00 Value)!

Telling heartfelt stories about the people and places that touch our lives.

Our Places Track List:

1. Don't Need A Thing
2. When You're Called
3. I Needed That
4. Fog On The Mountain
5. Empty Church
6. Home Again
7. The River Still Flows
8. Motel Six
9. Bits Of Time
10. Eight AM
11. When I Pass
12. Daddy's Garden

Bonus CD Track list:
1. I Ain't Changing
2. Sunday In the Kitchen
3. One Of Those Towns
4. Folks Like Them
5. Broken Watch
6. Life Worth Livin'

Classic County Music - From Our Family to Yours
(Allen and Chris - Father and Son)
Dad and I have both been recording and performing music our entire lives.    Currently living in West Virginia, we work hard to handcraft heartfelt Classic Country Music that tells moving stories.
Inspired by Family Tradition
“Folks Like Them”,  is a tip of the hat to people of all generations who put family and community first. My grandfather, drove big rigs and ran a small farming business. My grandmother, was a teacher, musician, and homemaker.
Music About A Better Future
Those who came before us, passed down a work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility that inspires our songs and lives. We stand on their shoulders, and hope to pass the values we hold dear to future generations.   
Thank you for stopping by, we could not do this without you!
- Chris and Allen

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