Classic Country Music by A Father and Son

Dad and I put together a collection of our most meaningful classic country songs. We Hope you enjoy!

When You're Called - (Our Places)

Broken Watch - (Folks Like Them)

Where They Came From - (Stories)

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Never Out Of Style - CD

Never Out Of Style - CD

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Our Latest Classic Country CD, "Never Out of Style" - a special CD dedicated to the people and values we hold dear.

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This limited edition CD features classic country songs that tell heartfelt stories about love, family, faith, and hope. You'll be moved by tracks like "Why," "Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To," and "Upside Down." With your purchase, you'll receive a physical CD. Plus, you'll also get a digital download and streaming access, so you can enjoy these timeless songs on your favorite devices.

"Never Out of Style" captures the enduring appeal of classic country music, reminding us of the importance of love, family, faith, and hope in our lives. Let the heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies touch your heart and inspire you.

Get your hands on this limited edition CD today and experience the power of Folks Like Them classic country music!


Some Pictures of Dad and I

Dad and Me

I was 5 in this picture

Us Performing

Us Writing